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How do I sell my business?

In managing the affairs of our clients, we understand that an entrepreneur will allocate much of their capital to their business. They are an Operator and understand the risks inherent in their business. It is the ‘wealth engine’ for creating the surplus capital that will hopefully increase over time to establish a capital pool capable of sustaining them long after retirement.It is also a factor that the business is only of real value to the individual when it sells, or when it is monetised in one form or another. It is for this reason that we can call on the specialist skills of one of our affiliate partners. The solutions that our team of specialists bring are tailored to businesses seeking to raise capital, acquire or restructure, with the view to exiting as lucratively as possible.The following steps are managed by our affiliate partners on behalf of a business in preparation for a sale transaction:

  • Financial Analysis – the team are able to form a thorough understanding of the business by analysis financial statements, business models, prevailing market conditions and certain trends relevant to the business.

  • Valuations – their intensive modelling and valuation process establishes benchmarks and provides a multi-layered understanding of the firm’s value drivers.

  • Transaction Documentation – they develop and produce high quality information memoranda, highlighting the key drivers of the business.

  • Project Management – they manage the entire transaction process, ensuring a swift execution with careful attention to detail.

  • Due Diligence Oversight – the team’s structured due diligence management process ensures transparency and minimises renegotiation of terms.

  • Negotiation and Closing – the specialists negotiate and conclude commercial terms of the deal, ensure that the legal details are consistent with the commercial terms and manage the completion of any conditions necessary to complete the transaction.

 We would love to engage with you if you have a business and may be looking to sell in the near future. A few of our clients have been significantly impacted by our introduction to our affiliate partners in that their businesses sold handsomely at far better prices than they were originally advised.Get in touch on +27 21 434 7455 /


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