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A financial plan as unique as your goals. When you're looking for hands-on help ,

we've got you covered with our inhouse developed financial advice reviews. 

Our team will guide you through the investment process by developing a personalized wealth management plan based on your needs.


Planning for a successful retirement is the most critical step to ensure an appropriate solution is created for your personal circumstances.  We believe that a defined mandate, based on a sound plan, that establishes clear return objectives within defined risk parameters is crucial for long term successful investing. Consideration must be given to short term income requirements in order to ensure specific provision is made to assets with a greater price certainty.

This reduces the possibility of realising an asset at a depressed price to fund an income and allows us to retain our focus on holding long term quality assets. With long term objectives in place we believe it reduces the possibility of allowing emotions to guide the decision making process during periods of market volatility. The planning process will identify potential issues around the sustainability of your asset base in retirement and guide us in building an appropriate bespoke portfolio. 



We at Baymont Wealth are ‘active’ portfolio managers and see the process of overseeing investments as both art and science. The investments made by us on your behalf are made in conjunction with our detailed cash flow modelling process to ensure we can meet  your long term financial objectives and at the same time remain within your individual risk tolerances. This active portfolio management approach at Baymont Wealth, requires strategically buying and selling stocks and other assets in an effort to provide superior long term returns.

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The world is complex but linked financially. Families are spread across the globe and probably your wealth is equally dispersed across currencies and geographic regions. If you have saved sufficiently to leave a financial legacy we at Baymont Wealth are able to advise on the strategies required to: ensure a transfer of wealth, passing on the ethos of the investment and to prepare heirs in the management of this inheritance. 


Optimal estate planning will ensure you heirs enjoy the benefit of your wealth creation.

The cost to your estate, such as taxes and expenses are kept to a minimum. The transfer of assets to your heirs is simplified. We will manage the complications and ensure the uncertainties which may trouble your descendants are eliminated. 


Along with our fiduciary partners we can assist with:


  • A review of your assets (including retirement funds)

  • An evaluation of any need for a Trust or corporate entity

  • A discussion of your wishes and family needs

  • A drafting of one or more wills.

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Investors and retirees alike often pose questions to us around ‘cash flow’ and ‘liquidity’. At Baymont Wealth we remind you that Cash flow simply means the amount of cash you have coming in and going out each month when you begin retirement. Our detailed cash flow modelling process helps to anticipate the need for liquidity by identifying potential capital expenses you will encounter. Understanding the need for potential health care costs, family emergencies or just as simple as replacing a vehicle will have an impact on the optimal allocation of ones portfolio.  on the most effective your portfolio should 


Liquidity  refers to the ease of turning an asset to cash—and how quickly you can access that cash. The easier an asset can be converted to cash, the more "liquid" it is. For example, your unit trusts are more liquid than your house. Like many challenges in retirement we, your advisors at Baymont Wealth see this as a balancing act and which requires ongoing attention. If you have too much money in cash, you can be missing out on potential growth. However it is imperative that we never realise an asset at a depressed price. The optimal allocation to price certain assets goes hand in hand with a detailed planning process which is regularly reviewed to adapt to life’s changing needs. 

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Selling your business and converting the proceeds into  the appropriate vehicle for retirement is a complex process. We at Baymont Wealth can assist you at each of the in the process. We also partner a business specialist in mergers and buy-outs – feel free to approach us in this regard. 

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