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World markets attract speculative capital like moths to a flame, with most throwing money at securities without understanding why prices move higher or lower.
The state of the economy a company operates in, for example, will affect its future growth. Economic expansion usually benefits business, strong macroeconomic data 
– such as GDP, PMI or retail sales – can increase demand for equities, and see share prices rise. Baymont Wealth offers you experienced insight and skills in this specialized sector of the financial market. We read charts, watch price actions and observe on a daily basis. These strategies are a key element on our equity desk.  We provide the following services with a reasonable investment minimum, high-quality trading and no hidden account fees.


Our trading platform is available to all our customers to either execute the trades on your behalf or we have the facility to set up a mandate according to your requirements. Our desk is also open during trading hours to provide advice on potential trading ideas.



The Equity Derivative market is available to the more sophisticated investor. Baymont Wealth accumulated years of trading derivatives since SAFEX was established in 1988. With more than 1000 derivative contracts on offer we are available to assist with either a standard contract or to tailor something more bespoke if appropriate to your circumstances.



Baymont Wealth has the facility to offer clients a range of leveraged trading options in order to gain a geared exposure to the market. Leveraged trading can be on an execution basis or bespoke solution, appropriately tailored to suit your portfolio.

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