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Baymont Wealth offers three separate legal funds to fulfil most of our client's 'equity' needs. They range from the regulatory requirements covering retirement savings in SA to quality global equity diversification.  We additionally provide a bespoke segregated portfolio for clients with alternative return profile demands.   


We launched the domestic equity fund in September 2019 to provide an efficient portfolio management solution for your domestic equity allocation. Taking a long-term view, the fund provides a diversified portfolio of high-quality shares. Our approach to stock selection is based on solid fundamental analysis as we believe that the facts always win. The chosen benchmark for the fund is the FTSE/JSE Capped All Share Index. This was launched on the back of our very credible track record managing a segregated portfolio for our clients over the past years.

To enhance the risk and return characteristics of the fund, we utilise an offshore allocation in the order of 30%, in line with unit trust regulations. This includes an investment in the BACCI Global Equity Fund

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We launched the BAYMONT Global Equity Fund on 1 July 2020, a Dublin based UCITS fund. The investment objective of the BAYMONT Global Equity Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing across global equity markets. The investment philosophy is to invest in dominant, high quality businesses which have a history of developing both growth and real economic value. The chosen benchmark is the MSCI All Country Index.

We have been managing a segregated portfolio that has seen our clients enjoying an 8,5% USD annualized return since inception. On the back of this very credible track record, we chose to launch the Global Equity Fund, which not only offers trading efficiencies, it manages potential tax issues and estate duty consequences where applicable.

This allows the advisory process to be tailored to your personal circumstances, and it is up to our advisory team to advocate the most bespoke solution for you and your family.

Pendulum Advisors have been appointed as subadvisors to the fund on 1 September 2020 to assist Warren, Ulf and Vanessa in the stock selection of the fund.

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For many years we have managed this fund in a very cautious, low risk mandate and it has served us well, of late we have decided to expand the mandate considerably. In South Africa we have a fairly, small stock market and other than Naspers, there is absolutely, no ‘tech’. Global ‘tech’ players have dominated virtually all of the upside on the MSCI World Index for the past 10 years. Emerging markets and their currencies, by stark contrast have either traded lower or at best have traded sideways. We think that this trend is long term in nature – namely a further concentration of very large market cap businesses. 

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